Comparison on Winning and Losing of Silat Olahraga/Pencak Silat of Men Class A, E and H during 28th SEA Games 2015 in Singapore

Shapie, M. N. M (1,2) & Zainuddin, N. A. (1)
1.Fakulti Sains Sukan dan Rekreasi, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor. 2. Pertubuhan Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia
keyword : kicking, martial arts, coaching, performance analysis

Abstract The purpose of the current case study was to describe the detailed activity that occurs during the fight time and comparison of each exponent of a silat olahraga about. Video recording of 4 matches’ international silat olahraga bout was and notated for used to identify 14 different types of event performed by the 6 contestants as well as the start and end of action periods. Variables are exponent including blue or redand score. Comparison of each exponent for each match can be seen in the table provided. It revealed that each silat olahraga exponent performed differ profile of actions indicator. Blue exponent more conquered the matches.Actions used for both exponent (blue and red) are described and explained briefly. The data showed that …